Anne Maree

In April 2015, on a routine dental X-Ray a dodgy spot was noted, by July after 15 hours of surgery I had half my jaw removed and replaced by my fibula (one of those lower leg bones) lots of drain tubes and a tracheostomy.

The recovery from the surgery was tiring but positive, they kept telling me I was “young, fit and healthy” – I have Bustamove to thank for that!

Then…….the radiotherapy started, very nasty! Needless to say I wasn’t exercising much then but I was keen to get back to the gym, I needed to feel “normal” again.

The downside of the surgery –
-I’ve had to give up my modelling career
-I sometimes dribble
-My mouth feels permanently like I’ve just been to the dentist and had a
local anaesthetic.

The positives of surgery –
-I have the perfect excuse not to win the “2nd block challenge”
-I can say I’m tired and no one thinks I’m a wimp!
-If anyone asks about the scar on my leg I tell them it was a shark bite!

Thanks Bustamove for keeping me moving.