Late last year I decided enough was enough; I’d put everyone else’s wellbeing ahead of my own for too long! I was in the obese BMI range and on 2 blood pressure medications and I’m only 52.

With my family’s encouragement I popped my head in to see Jenni and the team and started my journey to self contentment and happiness. I was welcomed with open arms and tons of encouragement.

I started with a weekly one on one session plus a cardio session. The team also gave me plenty of guidance on the right things to to eat and monitored my food intake via my weekly food diary. I’ve recently added a group class to my routine and now I’m at Bustamove 3 times a week.

My BMI has progressed steadily downwards and is still a work in progress. I feel energised and confident but, more importantly, I’ve reduced my blood pressure medication by a third! I once told Jenni that I’d never love coming to the gym but, I was wrong! I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, nurturing and positive team to help me change my life. Thank you!