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Fitness, fun and frivolity...

Bustamove is an institution in Black Rock – fitness, fun and frivolity.

In the last 8 years I have enjoyed the friendly but demanding personal training offered by Bustamove. Jenni and the team at Bustamove are first class at their trade and make sure that you have fun whilst they torture you. What more could you ask for?

Some may say (read Jenni) that my training has been intermittent over the journey. After 8 years of Jenni telling me “you need more sessions each week, Mark” it has finally happened with 3 sessions a week now a regular occurrence in the past few months.

Christian, Peter, Michael, and even the “Stomach Exercise Queen” herself, now have me 7kgs lighter and feeling great.

My aim has been to reach the training heights of the mercurial Griff “Mr Bustamove” Wright and hopefully I can aspire to his feats in the gym.

I would recommend Bustamove to anyone who is keen to mix fitness, great staff, a few laughs and a great location to train.

Looking forward to many more years of gasps of breathe, Christian’s tips, runs to Second street and Jenni’s stomach exercises.

PS By the way I think I already have Griff covered.

Love and thanks to Jenni and the guys.

Fitness, fun and frivolity...
Mark Leo

And then enters Jenni...

Hi! My name is Anne and I am “none of your business” years of age. I have been training at Bustamove for 6 years.

Most of my adult life was spent working in an office…aka sedentary. I did not have the time or inclination for exercise, unless you include rolling my eyes when my doctor suggested it or heard others talk about it.

Notwithstanding I was aware that the clock was ticking and I also realised that:

i. I had a family history which included heart disease and associated issues.
ii. My bone density test which, whilst not bad, indicated that I was heading in the wrong direction.
iii. Even a relatively healthy diet will not protect against unwanted weight gain when you are inactive.

So my two choices were:

I. Remain on my Khyber and hide behind fate/genes for whatever happens.
II. Make a pre-emptive strike and take responsibility for my health (Life!!)

And then enters Jenni.

At my assessment she asked me, as she probably asks all new clients, what I was looking for at Bustamove. My answer was that I wanted to ward off the “old lady” problems for as long as possible. And that is what we focused on. And it worked. I hated it at first. It was hard work and sweaty. I felt sick and grumpy. I struggled to see the point.

After a few weeks, I felt a difference. It kind of crept up on me. I noticed that I was completing exercises that I had previously been either unable to do or had struggled with. That was the encouragement I needed. In addition, whilst not my primary reason, I noticed that my weight was dropping. Only slowly but steadily. Most important of all – I felt good!!

Definitely the trick is to develop a routine and not waiver from it. Don’t give yourself a day off for any reason. My routine was for 3, ½ hour sessions a week. I was not confident at first. Whilst the attendance was regular, I only completed the ½ hour Personal Training sessions. I did not think I could complete a whole hour nor keep up with others in a group situation. A negative attitude which now embarrasses me.

Enter Jenni again. (She’s everywhere!!)

She introduced me to the Saturday morning outdoor group sessions, which were 1 hour. I loved that they were outdoors and whilst hard to get going they were a great way to start the day. They were exercise but they were challenging and fun! Since then I have undertaken a number of Group challenges. I have enjoyed that they push me harder to keep up with the rest of the group and I have also enjoyed the encouragement and banter of the group and trainers. And I love that I have been able to complete them. I enjoy the sense of achievement. I have also joined many group sessions, including the Saturday morning running group.

Last year I completed in the City2Sea, a 15 km “Fun Run”. This is not to gloat but, I would not have considered that in the past, even the recent past, and I thank Jenni and the trainers and last year’s Urban Soldier participants that I found the confidence to complete the run.

And yes, I still roll my eyes. Now it is when other people complain about their aches and pains or growing old or whatever (who listens!!) I don’t have ongoing aches and pains and I feel great.

Yes Jenni, I am warding off the “old lady” problems, in fact I only know that I am pre-“old lady” when others point it out. In fact, new rule at Bustamove…..50 Burpees to anyone who asks me my age.

Anyway cannot rest on my laurels.

Love and thanks to Jenni and the guys.

And then enters Jenni...

I would recommend it to anyone...

I’ve been training at Bustamove for 5 years now and I would recommend it to anyone!

The team of trainers are brilliant and genuinely care about the health and fitness of their clients. I do a mix of group sessions and 1 on 1’s which are adapted depending on my training needs – during/post pregnancy or if I’m training for a race.

I’ve been bringing my kids with me since they were newborns which gives me the flexibility to train at a time that suits me and they look forward to going to the gym every week!

I would recommend it to anyone...

It’s motivating and addictive...

Hi my name is Bez. I’m 35 years old and have been training at Bustamove for 6 years now.

Certainly wasn’t easy at the start as I was so unfit and probably 5 kilos heavier with zero muscle tone. I remember my first session with Jenni and the dreaded beep test! I thought I was going to be sick! I still dread having Jenni run sessions to this date! Since then, it’s certainly still damn hard but I keep at it because it has become a part of my daily routine. I now train 4 sessions per week, rain, hail or shine and still turn up even if I’ve had next to no sleep. It’s motivating and addictive because I’ve seen results over the years and can now maintain a healthy weight and fitness level. It’s good for the mind and gives you plenty of energy to get through the day and through bigger challenges in life.

Although I think I’m pretty fit and healthy, it was a challenge falling pregnant first time around. I continued to exercise throughout my pregnancy right up until 2 days before I gave birth. Recovery from an emergency C section was quick and I’m giving kudos to the exercise I did pre and during pregnancy. Losing the post baby weight wasn’t too difficult. Now I’m pregnant with my second child (last one!!) and determined to exercise at a similar pace all the way through. I’m relying on the Bustamove trainers to whip me back into shape again this time around! It’s a love/hate relationship!

It’s motivating and addictive...

Thanks Bustamove for keeping me moving...

In April 2015, on a routine dental X-Ray a dodgy spot was noted, by July after 15 hours of surgery I had half my jaw removed and replaced by my fibula (one of those lower leg bones) lots of drain tubes and a tracheostomy.

The recovery from the surgery was tiring but positive, they kept telling me I was “young, fit and healthy” – I have Bustamove to thank for that!

Then…….the radiotherapy started, very nasty! Needless to say I wasn’t exercising much then but I was keen to get back to the gym, I needed to feel “normal” again.

The downside of the surgery –

  • I’ve had to give up my modelling career
  • I sometimes dribble
  • My mouth feels permanently like I’ve just been to the dentist and had a local anaesthetic.

The positives of surgery –

  • I have the perfect excuse not to win the “2nd block challenge”
  • I can say I’m tired and no one thinks I’m a wimp!
  • If anyone asks about the scar on my leg I tell them it was a shark bite!

Thanks Bustamove for keeping me moving.

Thanks Bustamove for keeping me moving...
Anne Maree

I feel motivated and strong...

When I started at Bustamove I wasn’t looking for a quick fix, but a chance to make a change to my lifestyle.

I started off with two 1 on 1 sessions a week, and have gradually increased this to include 2 personal cardio sessions as well. I never thought I’d be someone who made it to the gym 4 times a week and love it!!

All of the team have been so encouraging and supportive of me, not only have they helped me improve my fitness, but I feel motivated and strong for the first time in along time and have the energy to chase my 3yr old around! I can’t thank the team enough.

I feel motivated and strong...

I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, nurturing and positive team...

Late last year I decided enough was enough; I’d put everyone else’s wellbeing ahead of my own for too long! I was in the obese BMI range and on 2 blood pressure medications and I’m only 52.

With my family’s encouragement I popped my head in to see Jenni and the team and started my journey to self contentment and happiness. I was welcomed with open arms and tons of encouragement.

I started with a weekly one on one session plus a cardio session. The team also gave me plenty of guidance on the right things to to eat and monitored my food intake via my weekly food diary. I’ve recently added a group class to my routine and now I’m at Bustamove 3 times a week.

My BMI has progressed steadily downwards and is still a work in progress. I feel energised and confident but, more importantly, I’ve reduced my blood pressure medication by a third! I once told Jenni that I’d never love coming to the gym but, I was wrong! I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, nurturing and positive team to help me change my life. Thank you!

I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, nurturing and positive team...

Trainers with tremendous knowledge, versatility and discipline...

If you’re thinking about training with a professional company then I highly recommend Bustamove in Black Rock.

They have been helping me get into shape and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I was hesitant at first, however after booking the trial session I wish I’d done it sooner. The team from Bustamove made me feel very comfortable and helped me understand what I could achieve.

My sessions are tailored specifically to me and they keep track of my progress.

If you follow their advice you’ll see incredible results in your body and mental well-being. Dave, Christian and Jenni are extraordinary personal trainers with tremendous knowledge, versatility and discipline. The team from Bustamove are so supportive to me. I love training there.

Trainers with tremendous knowledge, versatility and discipline...

I could barely run around the block, now I love to RUN...

I have been training at Bustamove for 8 years and I just love it.

I started just after my second child and clearly needed to be pushed and I was. When I started I could barely run around the block, now I love to RUN! Jen also trained me through my pregnancy with my third child, I trained till the day before my sons arrival and was back after my 6 week check up.

I do a mixture of groups, which are great as it’s always different and 1 on 1’s first thing in the morning or 2 on 1’s with one of my friends. The Bustamove crew are always accommodating and I can’t recommend the place enough.

I could barely run around the block, now I love to RUN...

Training at Bustamove has added value to our lives...

My wife Sandra and I highly recommend Bustamove as a personal training facility for people of all ages and physical fitness levels and capabilities. The team at Bustamove are friendly and positive and help you feel comfortable with your training. There is no need to be competitive and they are focused on helping you meet realistic training goals.

We have been training at Bustamove for over 5 years. Bustamove was recommended by our chiropractor, Ben Allen at Black Rock Chiropractic. Ben said that by maintaining core body strength and flexibility though exercise and with chiropractic treatment, we would improve our ability to keep up with our highly active and busy life style, well into our 60’s.

Jenni McIver has set up a great training environment and with her team of experienced professional trainers, has provided the best training we have experienced over the past 30 years. With close access to the beach and parks at Black Rock her team can offer a variety of training options.

We started out training as a couple and after 6 months joined the group training program 3 mornings a week. I discovered boxing as an exercise that is both aerobic, strength building and great for the brain’s neuron pathways. Training at Bustamove has added value to our lives, so now in our 60’s we can still Scuba Dive, dance, run, hike and play like we did 20 years ago.

Training at Bustamove has added value to our lives...